New Truck 2016 GMC Sierra Specs and Features

If you are thinking of purchasing a new pickup truck this year, you had better not do it in a rush. There are some awesome trucks that will be launched this year. One of the trucks that are deserved to wait for is the 2016 GMC Sierra. This new luxury vehicle is said to be the best pickup truck you can buy this year. Based on some unofficial review, it’s much better than the previous year model. This truck has better power, performance, and fuel economy. If you want to know more about it, you must check this out.

New Truck 2016 GMC Sierra

The Engine Upgrade

The new Sierra is available in several models. Each of them has the different engine. 2016 GMC Sierra powered by Eco-tech 6.2L V8 engine. This engine produces up to 420 horsepower. You can also choose one which is equipped with 5.2L V8 engine. The engine can generate 355 horsepower. The base model is powered by 3.0L V6 engine which produces up to 285 horsepower.

Even though the base model seems not too powerful, but it has excellent towing capacity. A review said that its towing capacity was 7600 lbs. The upcoming Sierra is also lighter than the 2015 model. GMC will design this truck differently and use lightweight material so that the new model several pounds lighter. In consequence, this pickup truck can run faster and consume less gasoline. However, the precise gas mileage and the top speed is still unknown since this truck has no one has test drive it. This truck is also equipped with body mounts and hydraulic powertrain to make your ride more comfortable no matter the road.

Brand New Interior

The new GMC Sierra will have brand new interior. There some improvements and changes so that the driver and passengers will feel more comfortable riding this car. The improvements are new designed mug holders. Its double holder is very suitable if you love drinking coffee to make you stay awake while driving. It also has 5 USB ports. There are also 120 v plug in and 300 watt inverters. The new interior has soft and large control buttons so that any occupants of this car can reach it and press the buttons. To make your ride more enjoyable, the interior is equipped with infotainment systems such as radio, CD player, MP3 decoder, and excellent audio system. It also has touch screen navigation. This car is also equipped with automatic climate control.

Another improvement interior of this truck is the door. It has triple door seals. In consequence, the cabin is quieter since it blocks the noise from the outside. The inlaid door is also designed in the new style. It has attractive trims and the comfortable armrest. The chair is extra comfortable and made of high-quality leather that is handcrafted with care and precision. The inside is constructed strong seats foam. The spacious cabin will also make you feel more comfortable, perfect for you who are taller and bigger than the average.

Exterior Design

The GMC Sierra exterior is not too different from the 2015 model. However, you will see some differences on this new truck. One of them is that it has more attractive fender. Another difference is that the grille. It is wider and taller than the previous. In consequence, it will make the engine compartment get more fresh air since the grille offers more air circulation. Bigger grille will also make the cabin get more fresh and cool air. The front bumper is also more attractive with the stainless steel finishes. The hood of this truck is made of aluminum, different from the previous. However, lightweight and will make the truck a few pounds lighter than the last year model. The exterior of the new GMC Sierra is designed with excellent aero dynamic system so that you will get smooth riding experience.

2016 GMC Sierra will be launched at the end of this year. You must be patient if you want to make a pre-order. The price of this pickup truck is reported to be a bit expensive compared to the previous model. You may at least pay it for $41,000.

Magnificent Expect of 2016 Lamborghini Ankonian Supercar

It is always vaccinating to see Lamborghini car even though they only in the concept state, which mean they are not ready to produce yet. One of the cars that gain a lot of attention lately is the 2016 Lamborghini Ankonian which everyone says has a very cool appearance. The design itself is created by talented student named Slavche Tanevschi. He created this design as one of the first project that he made for his campus in Munich where he wants to create a ‘Supercar.’

Slavche Tanevschi create the design since 2008, at that time the head designer of Lamborghini chooses his design as one of the top three designs concept that he like. Afterwards he got sponsored to create the design in scaled size. Surely creating the design, only using clay material is not an easy thing, especially when he used 1 and 4 scale sizes, which makes the design should be done in details. Finally he was able to finish the whole design July on 2009 by spending a lot of time and effort.

Main design on Lamborghini Ankonian concept car

The design itself is created using shiny black as the main color that completed with matt dark grey to make the design elegant but still has tough feeling. What makes the scaling process of this concept car becomes much harder is the triangular shape that used on the design. Luckily Slavche Tanevschi gets help from high experience designer from both Audi and designer of Lamborghini to create the clay model. That way he was able to add more professional touch on the design which he learned from professional designer.

2016 Lamborghini Ankonian Supercar

From the outside 2016 Lamborghini Ankonian has appearance of classical GT car with backwards cab and narrowed body. The idea is to create wings on the side of the car from the front tip that extended to the back of the car. The doors of Lamborghini Ankonian also created with unique arrow shape which would be more visible on standing position. The combination of the two symbols makes this new Lamborghini car has dynamic shape.

The Ankonian concept does not uses Lamborghini usual headlight graphics and replace it with small OLEDs which mounted between the surfaces, with black color that uses this makes the car has more mysterious feeling. If you see the car from the back you would notice that it has alien face shape with red light which placed deep within the body makes strong emphasis to everyone that sees it.

First Impression on 2016 Lamborghini Ankonian

When you first see this Lamborghini Ankonian you would think about one thing which is bat car. Although the automobile itself does not created to resemble or to be the next bat mobile, but the armorist body makes the sport car looked badass. The name Ankonian actually used because they want to make the car look like a bull. You could see this by looking at this car shape from the back. You could notice that the car has bull face shape with angry red eyes, however we think that Lamborghini could not create this concept as first impression because the bull face shape looked more like alien face shape.

With this appearance we could wait to see that this Lamborghini Ankonian would be another car from Lamborghini that make a boom. But you could not expect that this car would have any green concept since it would not be the main attention on Ankonian, however Lamborghini still respect the environment so they will show the right responsibility on their car feature.

Price expectation on Lamborghini Ankonian

Seeing that this Ankonian is created by Lamborghini, you surely expecting high price from the car itself. However with great concept which presented in Lamborghini Ankonian we think that all of that is worth the price. This car is not just appears as supercar, but it also very stylish and cool, with modern design the customer would surely run each other down to get their hands on the 2016 Lamborghini Ankonian concept car.

With superhero look Lamborghini Ankonian would surely comes out perfectly for everyone who wants to feel the power of hero by their ride. The magnificent color makes the car more stand out in the crowd even within the Lamborghini cars themselves. What makes this car stand out even more is that they are expected to be priced around 40,000,000 dollars. But for Lamborghini cars this price is quite normal since all Lamborghini does not have cheap price. However their expensive price is what makes the car taken highly as luxurious car brand.

When you drive this 2016 Lamborghini Ankonian you surely looked more powerful and could gain a lot of attention. With unique shape which designed in extreme width form and cap that angled forward makes the design appears futuristic and modern which could be said as future car style.

Specification of Lamborghini Ankonian

Lamborghini Ankonian comes out with very creative design as the concept which makes the exterior specification very worth to talk about. It is very magnificent how a student could create such design which we never seen from any professional designer before. With dazzling appearance on the outside specification, we surely expect that Lamborghini Ankonian will give the same high quality style for their interior design. Usually Lamborghini will use the same shape that they used to create the exterior design then applied to the interior design. Luxurious leather will mostly be used on most Lamborghini; however as all other Lamborghini cars you could also customize the interior as your liking.

As for other feature that this 2016 Lamborghini Ankonian will have, you just need to wait further since the representation of Lamborghini would not say anything about their car. By far they only confirm the body concept of the Lamborghini Ankonian. However you should not have to worry since most Lamborghini will be equipped with high technology and feature which will make you admire Ankonian much more. The Lamborghini Ankonian is expected to be launch around 2015 although the official name stated 2016 as the year.

How to Find Cheap Automotive Rental Rates

If we want to go on a vacation located far away from our home, we surely need to have a transportation to be used along the trip. The best way to overcome that problem is by renting a car because it would be cheaper compared to the local public transportation cost. Furthermore, when using public transportation you will be bound with the time so your vacation might be disturb. But when using a rent car, then you would be able to arrange your own schedule as you wish.

Find cheap automotive rental for vacation

Now you surely want to get cheap car rent to use on your vacation so you would not spend more than your arranged budget. Do not worry since actually there are a lot of ways that you could do to find cheap car rent.

cheap automotive rental

1. Car rent package: when you go on a holiday using an agency, you could make sure that they also have a car rent package. Usually an agency has their own resource, so they would be able to get you the car with cheaper price compared when you search the car yourself.

2. Independent rent: try to search an independent car rent that usually comes from a small company. Small company will gives you cheaper price since they do not have too many rules to work on, furthermore you will also get better service from independent automotive rental company.

cheap automotive rental 13. Time to rent: when you have plan you vacation far ahead, make sure that you also arrange your car rent far ahead. By doing this you would be able to get cheaper rates on your renting. The reason is because the lot on the time of your rent should be empty so the rates would be lower compared to rates when the lot is full.

4. Car rent location: you surely find it easier when you get a car upon your arrival on the airport. But you should know that when you do that, you will also get higher rates on your rent. The company that located near the airport usually adds airport surcharge and taxes to your car rent so the price would be a lot higher. That is why it would be better when you go out using public transportation, then search other car rent company outside the airport area.

5. Car insurance: some company always offers car insurance for your rent car that charged daily, but this will add the whole rent rates that you get. To avoid using it, you should make sure to your own car insurance company to see whether they also cover for car rent insurance. By doing it, you do not need to get other insurance from the rental company.

6. Cars add on: you might find it easier when you have some add on in your car such as GPS or roof rack. But you should know that those add on will be added to your rental rates. This is why it would be better for you to bring your own GPS so you do not need to rent it.

How to Restore Automotive Paint Easily

You might have an old car that you love the most, you may drive it all the time, or you would only store it in your garage because the paint has been worn out. That is why you surely want to give your car a new look so you could drive it once again. You could actually do that by restoring your automotive paint to their old condition. You may think that it would be expensive since you need to pay someone to do it, but you should not have to worry since it could be done in an easy way if you know how to do it.

Restore Automotive Paint 1

Old car have their paint looked worn out because they are all covered in the dust that they gather when you drive it. There would also a lot of debris that collected from the automotive soap you use to clean it. Furthermore, the oxidation happened on the surface will makes all your paint loose it shines. That is why restoring the paint on your old car would be very easy since you basically need to clean it well, by following these easy steps:

Peal any accessories: there would be a time when you love to attached so many stickers or decals to your car surface and now is the right time to peal it all off because it will covered the paint on your car.

Hiding dust: you should clean any hiding dust from the seams on the car doors and windows. You could use an air blower to help you with that.

Car wash: next you need to wash the car, but do not uses any automotive soap that you used to use since it will only add the debris on its surface. You would only need to use dish washing soap that you used in your household. Clean it thoroughly so the wax and sealer that you used on the car would be properly removed so the automotive paint would be free to work on.

Paint clean: after your car has dry completely from air then it is time to clean the paint itself. You must use clay bar because it could remove all the oxidation that your car accumulate all this years. Use the clay on all surface of your car while using water to lubricate it so it would be easier for you to apply it. You may need to spend the whole day just to do this so it would be better when you spare a time in your weekend.

Restore Automotive Paint

Double check: you need to double check the paint to make sure that the color of the paint is on the same shade. When the paint could not come out, then you need to use the clay once again until the paint all even. They dry the exceed water using a clean cloth.

Seal paint: once the automotive paint has restored, you need to protect it by using a sealer that you usually use for your car. Spray the whole car and let it be for the next two days.

How to Get the Best Automotive Insurance for Your Car

Automotive Insurance

For all car lovers, it is important for you to get yourself automotive insurance for your car. As it will be feel more safe whenever you drive your car, moreover the car insurance would also pay for your car repairmen whenever there are something happened to your car. But make sure that you get the best insurance so you will get the best protection for your car.

What could affect your car insurance?

There are actually many factors that would affect the rates that you get from the car insurance. Some of the factors come from the car itself, this is why we should pay attention on that important factors.

  1. Car powers: first is the power that you had on your car, which would give big effect to your car insurance rates. The reason is because there are statistic result that issued by the Highway Loss Data Institute which stated that cars that have high horse power will also have higher change in involvement on accident. Which is why when you have higher horse power on your car, then your insurance rates will also gets higher. That is why we suggested you to get car with 4 cylinder engine with only two wheel drive and lower horse power that around 70 horse powers to 110 horse powers.
  2. Car price: another thing that will affect your car insurance is the price of the car itself. Regardless the power that your car has, but when it comes from high priced car brand, then you will have to pay for higher rates on your automotive insurance. The reason is because when there is something wrong in the car, then the repairmen cost would also become higher. Especially when they need to replace your can with a new one.
  3. Car size: last but not least is the size of your car itself. But do not get it wrong, because most people think that smaller car size will also give you lower insurance rates. On the contrarily you will get higher insurance rates when you have small size car. The reason is because small sized car have higher probability on car accident involvement compared to bigger sized car such as trucks and SUV. That is why when you want to get lower insurance rates, and then it would be better when you purchase sedan car such as 2015 Audi A3 or other medium sized car.

Choosing the best automotive insurance

When you want to choose the best insurance for your car, then you need to do a lot of things. It is important for you to understand the insurance company that you use so you will get the best service from them.

  1. Compare insurance: before you decide which insurance company that you want to do, then you need to compare the insurance company you want to use. The easiest way to compare it is by searching for the insurance quotes that the company issued on their official website. However you would not be able to ask anything that you do not understand when you only read the quotes. This is why, if you have more time, it would be better when you could arrange some appointment with different insurance company. And make sure that you get it through a direct and not from an agent.
  2. Insurance discount: while you are at your appointment, make sure you discus all possibility for your car insurance, especially on the discount. You could try to ask whether they would give you some discount on your insurance rates. You would also need to ask, if there are anything that you could do so you will get lower insurance rates.
  3. Insurance coverage: after you finish your appointment then you must have known all the coverage that the insurance companies have to offer. Now it is the time to compare the coverage that you get from them. It is good when you could find cheap rates from a company, but when you do not get great coverage, then that rates would not be good enough. You need to make sure that you get the best coverage for the value that you spent on the insurance rates.
  4. Payment option: you need to be careful on the payment since some company offers different kind of payment option. Make sure that on the time of the payment, is the right time when you have the fund to pay it so you will not find some difficulties. What you should know is you may get some discount when you pay on larger sum for one year rates, two months rates, or four months rates. That is why you need to ask about this discount beforehand.
  5. Extra coverage: there is some insurance company that also offers some extra coverage beside your car. There are some that also covers for the driver insurance. You might also want to get coverage for car rent, which you need to use when your car is damage because of the accident.

Tips to get cheaper automotive insurance

  1. When you have a lot of car, it would be better when you registered your car insurance on the same company. When you do that, it means you have multiple insurance on their company so you could ask for lower rates on your cars from the company.
  2. If you do not want to use the same company, you could also get cheaper rates. What you need to do is to tell them that you have a lot of cars. That way you would not use the car all the time, so the rates would be lowered.
  3. You need to bring your driving records when you want to registered your car insurance. Then show to them that you have clean driving records; with this you could ask them to lower the rates.
  4. Before you registered your car insurance, it would be better when you could get higher safety equipment for your car such as air bags, anti theft alarm, and automatic seat belt on your car. With this equipment you could also ask for lower rates.

Most Common Automotive Repair Cost Estimation

You surely love your car, especially when everything is running smooth. But when you find something wrong and the car is not working, and then you need to quickly repair it. But when you want to repair your car; you surely wonder how much the repair will cost. That is why you must do some research about automotive repair cost. You surely do not want to get scammed to pay more than it should be. So it is important to know what is wrong with your car first hand, it would be better when you could find a car repair center that could see the damage for free.

automotive repair cost 1

Common repair for your car

There are some repairs that actually common for every car, for this kind of repair we could actually know the cost since they could be estimate beforehand. With this, we hope that you could know the cost of your car easier.

Cost for changing car oil

automotive repair costThis first repair is actually most common for your car maintenance. Sometimes you even need to change the oil for your car periodically as the time that stated by your car manufacturer. But usually you need to change the oil for your car every three to four month or when the car meter has added more than 3000 miles on the scale, whatever comes first.

When you drive high tech car that has a warning system, then you do not need to check or remember the time when you have to change your car since you will get a reminder to change your car oil. For the cost of changing your car oil, it is depends on your car. For common car it would only cost around 30 dollars, but for foreign car you might need to spend for more than 220 dollars for it.

Cost for coolant system repair

There are many parts in the coolant system that you need to pay attention such as water pump, radiator, thermostat, and water for anti freeze system to go through the radiator on in the machine. The same as the first repair you need to maintain the coolant to prevent the system from breaking down by flushing the water from the radiator so it would not overheat the machine and you will get the exact number of coolant needed for your car to run smoothly.

The time of the flush should also be done in regular timing, it is usually depends on the type of your car so you need to check your manufacturer manual. But usually you need to flush the water when the car meter has added more than 24,000 to 30,000 miles on the scale. For the automotive repair cost of flushing you need to pay around 50 dollars to 145 dollars depends on the type of your car.

Cost for changing tires

Whenever you drive your car, the tires will get some friction from the asphalt and dirt on where you drive it. Along the time it will eventually worn out the tires, and the dirt might attached to the tires making debris that could damage it. When the damage is too much, you will need to change your tires and it will cost you for hundreds of dollars for every tire.

That is why you need to maintain the tire of your car so it would not wear out before the time needed. There is some maintenance that you could do to your tires. First, you could patch up your tire that damaged by the debris, so it would not damage it further. Then you could also try to rotate the position of the tires periodically to prevent damage on the same place. To patch up your tire, you might need to pay for some money. But when you want to rotate the position of the tires, you might get the service for free on the place where you purchase your tire.

Cost for changing battery

Do not let your dead battery comes when you on the road, that is why you need to remember to change the battery before the time comes. Usually you need to change the battery after three to five years depends on the type of the battery itself. But when you want to make sure that the battery last that long, then you need to clean the cable of the battery which you could do yourself easily. But when the time comes and the lifespan of the battery has end, then you need to eventually change the battery. Automotive repair cost for the battery would be around 45 dollars to 90 dollars depending on the type of the battery.

Cost for automotive tune up

You must do this tune up regularly as a part of your car maintenance to make sure that your car will long lasting. There are some tunes up procedures that you should do such as cleaning the spark plugs, correcting the spark gap position, and changing the spark plug wires. By doing this you will also makes your gas usage more efficient. If you have the skills then you could try to do all of the procedure yourself for free. But when you do not know what you should do, then you could ask the mechanic to do it for you at the cost of 35 dollars and up depends on your car type and model.

Tips for Automotive repair

automotive repair cost 2

When you want to repair your car you might want to contact several repair centers so you could compare the automotive repair cost of their repair and choose the cheapest one. Furthermore when you compare the price of the repair center you will also know that the price you get is the normal price so you would not pay more.

Before you do any repair, make sure you ask them to estimate all the cost beforehand so you know what kind of repair you will get and you will know if they do unneeded repairs that will make the price sky rockets, so you will be save from any scam.

Tips: Intensive Car Wash at Your Home

Use some of these car cleaning tips from CNET for an intensive car wash at your home, which could conveniently offer an expert outcomes with no cost of getting your car to be cleaned out at a car wash or even detailing services.